Welcome to Timestreams

The Timestreams data publishing system enables artists to engage with communities about energy and climate change by developing a series of playful, creative activities involving data capture, visualisation and comparison. Timestreams allows communities to capture live sensor data from their local environments, and to report this in a timely manner to a cloud- based social platform. The system comprises components for mobile sensing and logging, synchronising mobile instances with external services, visualisation and social communication about and around the data, and federating data between communities.

Timestreams facilitates mass participation in citizen science activities. Artists and communities can collect, share, relate and interpret data gathered through environmental sensors and energy monitors such as temperature, humidity and CO2 sensors. Timestreams lets you construct and share new interpretations and artistic visualisations of data, and facilitate discussions and questions about our understanding of energy and climate change.

The Relate Project is a collaboration between the Horizon Digital Economy Research Institute, artist company Active Ingredient, Dr Carlo Buontempo from the Met Office Hadley Centre, Brazilian curator Silvia Leal, staff in Computer Science, Psychology, Performance and New Media from Horizon (University of Nottingham and University of Exeter), and a number of communities in Brazil and the UK. The project is funded by RCUK. Relate aims to develop sensor kits and Timestreams to support remote communities in reflecting about the relationship between energy and climate change.

Scaling artistic practice and public engagement to understand energy and climate change…